Brandon Rowland

Born in Arizona, Brandon started his social media experience by starting an Instagram @BrandonRowland. Before showcasing his very own YouNow broadcast, Brandon Rowland was steadily gaining attention as a witty, comical and creative individual throughout his brother’s live broadcasts. Throughout the Summer 2015, he had 4 meet & greet experiences, along with guest appearances at VidCon in California. A video and photo shoot in Vegas resulted in a #DontJudgeMeChallenge video that went viral. Today, Brandon is partnered by YouNow and under @BrandonRowland has already gained an active and supportive fan base (June 2016 @ 154K). Along with YouNow, Brandon is active & verified on, producing videos weekly; he also enjoys posting videos on Vine.  With brothers Hunter and Ashton, Brandon has been involved in community service projects such as donating time and clothes to the needy at Phoenix’s New Haven Shelter. An aspiring model and entertainer, Brandon enjoys spending time with his family and to make people laugh and smile! Brandon also plays the guitar and can occasionally be heard singing a tune. Lastly, if you were at VidCon 2016, then you might have caught Brandon making guest appearances at the YouNow and booths. Calvin Klein even spotted Brandon and gifted him with several Calvin Klein products! Big things are still to come for up and coming Brandon Rowland.